beanie bumper sticker

beanie bumper sticker

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Write In "Beanie" for President: Here's How...

DID YOU KNOW that the presidency can actually be won by a write-in candidate?

Oh yeah, it's true!

In fact, a total 494 Electoral Votes are in play for a write-in candidate.

To wit, 43 States allow Write In Ballots for President of the United States.

Sorry, Nevada, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Hawaii!

You can still support The Beanie by sharing this page, spreading the message, and buying a t-shirt or bumper sticker to support the cause!

(The Beanie is not currently accepting donations, so as to keep its platform pure and unbeholden to any special interests.)

But hey look, the rest of you can vote for the Beanie by writing his name in at the ballot box this November!

Do it! Really do it!

You're not throwing away your vote.

Come on.

Voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is throwing away your vote.

This is your chance to do something courageous and different! This is your chance to send a powerful message of no confidence in the same old politics, embodied by the same old politicians, picked for you by the same old television media on the basis of who they choose to talk about most.

If you're in a write-in state, just write in "The Beanie" this November. We can do something real this election.

We can finally put someone in the Oval Office who we know for a fact can't make things any worse!

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